First off, I want to thank you for considering us for your fitness equipment needs. Customers are the life of our business and we make sure to give them the best service out there.


Second off, I know a lot of you are probably asking if this is a real site, and for a good reason too. I have seen the numerous sites out there that are fake. That is why we go above and beyond to assure you that we are legit and that you will get your products. We offer payment processing through PayPal, so that you have payment guarantee. We also are happy to talk to you over chat or live over the phone to answer any questions. 

We are based out of San Francisco, and our production facilities are in China. 

We started this company because similar to you, I was looking for exercise products, but couldn't find them anywhere. All the stores were empty, people on Craiglist were charging an arm and a leg, and many websites are fake. After finally buying a set, I realized that there's probably a lot of people in the same boat as me. They don't want to pay such as high price, but not sure what else to do. 


That led to the creation of this business. I have done the work of finding and partnering with a production facility that is credible and has good prices. This allows me to bring these hard to find products to you at reasonable prices.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know about us, and hope you enjoy your fitness equipment!


Alex Z.

“The weights are great. Just as advertised. Took a little over 4 weeks to arrive, but it's worth it.”